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ChannelAdvisor is a leading eCommerce cloud platform that provides multiple marketplace integrations, digital marketing support and product intelligence to help retailers power sales and optimise fulfilment on channels such as Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook, Walmart and hundreds more.

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About ChannelAdvisor

With a unique blend of advanced technology and e-commerce expertise, ChannelAdvisor helps ensure brands and retailers have everything they need to create meaningful connections with current and new consumers.

ChannelAdvisor works with their clients to develop an in-depth understanding of their business. Their leading platform transforms product data into outstanding experiences across all marketing, selling and fulfillment activities, on each of the world’s leading channels. Evaluating goals, products, competition, and keys to success, they use the ChannelAdvisor platform as the foundation to identify the most effective strategies and automation apps to help ChannelAdvisor clients achieve their goals.

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Type of integration:

  • GFS Channel Connector
  • GFS Selector

Combine ChannelAdvisor with GFS…

Integrate with GFS to access 1000+ delivery and returns services, as well as our end-to-end Enterprise Carrier Management suite (ECM) for multi-carrier labelling, despatch, tracking and reporting.

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