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GFS International

What does it do

GFS International helps you reach shoppers around the world with fast and affordable shipping to over 200 countries and territories.

Faster than postal, cheaper than express.

GFS International connects you to the best local final-mile carriers in each country based on efficiency and service. This delivers a service that is faster than postal, yet cheaper than express.

Issues it solves

eCommerce is booming around the world with consumers becoming much more open to buying goods from abroad.

Opening up your business to the millions of eager international online shoppers can help your expand your customer base and increase sales, but the biggest hurdle for cross-border trade is delivery. Slow transit times and high costs can put off many buyers and sellers from taking the plunge.

GFS International turns global shipping on its head by delivering a service that is fast and low cost, to make shipping worldwide accessible for you and your customers.


GFS is partnered with leading local carriers to provide the best in-country delivery services for packets and parcels across Europe and the Rest of the World.

Our team of parcel experts are experienced in the complexity and demands of international shipping, including customs and tax documentation.

All GFS International services are fully tracked door-to-door to give you the confidence to ship around the world and ensure your parcels will arrive in the right hands.

GFS International is also integrated with GFS Selector and GFS Seeker, enabling multi-carrier, multi-country and multi-channel shipping all in one place!


GFS International gives access to speedy, cost-effective worldwide shipping which opens up cross-border trade opportunities and offers a competitive advantage against other international shippers. Competitive pricing helps businesses save money if already shipping internationally, and gives smaller businesses the lift they need to kick start international sales. By simplifying international shipping, GFS International helps sellers to connect to more shoppers around the world to boost sales and increase revenue.

Top 10 eCommerce markets

China, USA, UK, Japan, Germany, France, South Korea, Canada, Russia & Brazil

Total eCommerce sales worldwide expected to reach $4.48 trillion by 2021

(Statista, 2017)