UK Growth 2000 Report 2022

The Growth 2000 UK (G2K) retailers are heralded as the ‘growth engine’ of the UK economy. But how are they performing in 2022 despite challenges, to create an agile and resilient approach to selling online and across multiple channels?

In conjunction with RetailX, we’re bringing you an in-depth report covering 2000 retailers and brands not yet in the Top 500 reports.

This year’s Growth 2000 UK comes at a time when retailers are adjusting to the way their customers now want to buy in the wake of rising uncertainties.

The focus will be set on growth and the four drivers of growth: traffic (Find), shift to mobile shopping (Mobile), easy and convenient delivery (Delivery) and engaging – and paying – via social media (Social), reiterated through case studies from the G2K. This is an insightful tool for businesses that are on the lookout for opportunities to sell online with greater confidence.

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