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Invoice Analysis

GFS Validator provides invoice analysis to evaluate charges in comparison to expected costs. The software processes and compares carrier invoices against your provided tariffs to highlight any incorrect charges, anomalies or associated surcharges. Filter, sort or group the invoice information to help you drill down for individual itemised invoice information. Automation of invoice analysis removes the need for manual evaluation and saves a substantial amount of time on processing invoices and identifying incorrect charges.

Online Invoicing

GFS Seeker offers transparent, flexible, consolidated, multi-carrier billing. Online invoicing provides your accounts department with secure instant access to an archive of invoices and all costing data.

GFS Seeker provides the facility to download the invoice as a summary or as detailed invoices in PDF or Excel format. Each invoice can be drilled into to display individual shipment costs and any applied surcharges.

Invoice Analysis Tool

The invoice analysis tool allows flexible visibility and makes it possible to view associated costs for a consignment by factors such as region, customer or promotion.

“We no longer have to spend hours checking carrier invoices. We wouldn’t dream of dealing direct with a carrier in the future.”

Stuart Ellis, Charterhouse

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