Explore logistics and analyse carriers in a simple dashboard

GFS Reportor is a carrier management dashboard that provides you with dynamic analytics across all of your carriage services. Review key metrics and measure against a range of criteria, such as carrier performance, service frequency, geographical distribution and many more. The range of dashboards can be customised through the use of filters making it easy to see the data you need, all displayed in downloadable tables, graphs and charts for easy understanding.

GFS Reportor dashboard

Monitor your carriers in this diverse dashboard to maximise efficiency and drive sales

Delivery is a fast changing landscape determined by consumer demands and technological advances. To stay up-to-date and ensure the effectiveness of your delivery strategy, reporting is key to help you easily review and manage your delivery strategy. GFS Reportor gives you an open view of all your delivery data to show you where your delivery services perform strongly and where it could be improved. Using this data can help you take control and make better decisions to support continued business growth.

GFS Reportor: Your Logistics results made simple

GFS Reportor gives you complete transparency, consolidating your own data across all carrier services to all customers worldwide, helping you to compare your parcel volumes and delivery performance. The easy-to-use GFS Reportor dashboard is fully responsive so you can drill into the specific data you need and the colourful graphs and charts can be exported into your own reports and presentations.

GFS deliver excellence. Every time.

The breadth of our knowledge and scale of our technology enables us to provide a comprehensive view of all your shipping data. This provides the facts and evidence to deliver in-depth reports that help you gain a better understanding of your delivery operation, and the effect it has on your business and customers. GFS Reportor helps you see your data instantly in real-time so you can make adjustments as and when needed, helping you to keep on top of delivery and implement the best delivery strategy for your customers to promote business growth.

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