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The ability to quickly and accurately identify exceptions and proactively manage them with the consumer is the next major step in delivering an exceptional customer experience during the critical delivery phase of the supply chain. GFS Manager is a multi-carrier Parcel Exception Management System designed specifically for companies with customer service teams engaged in the daily handling of parcel exceptions. It empowers your team to manage delivery exceptions effectively, through proactive contact with your carrier partners and consignees.

Rapidly identify, queue and delegate exceptions

Manually checking through large numbers of individual shipments or relying only on carrier exception reports can be difficult, especially combined with high volume and use of multiple carriers.

GFS has combined its years of logistics and parcel management expertise with our intelligent analysis and costing engine to rapidly identify, queue and delegate exceptions or potential exceptions to your call centre advisors – so they can resolve issues faster. You can determine the rules and classification of the exceptions, which are presented to the advisors. You can also control who sees the exceptions through a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use management console.

GFS Customer Care

A fully managed service

We can supply GFS Manager directly to your customer service team, or as a fully managed service where we manage your shipments on your behalf. GFS Manager is not tied to any of our other products and can be used with any carrier globally who offers an online tracking service.

Proactive parcel management for a better customer experience

Proactively contacting consignees to address their delivery issues not only enhances the customer experience but also reduces the number of inbound enquiries into your customer service team. GFS Manager also drives first time delivery success especially in combination with other solutions such as GFS Selector and GFS Checkout.

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