Case Study

Landmark Global

Since 2015, GFS has been working with Landmark Global to provide white label final mile delivery solutions for the UK and across Europe – delivering over 1 million parcels a year

Business impact

Complex cross-border carrier management made simple

Broader range of delivery services has made delivery proposition more competitive

Ability to manage larger parcel volumes and fulfil more demand – and win more business

Close attention to the final mile has improved the experience for the end-consumer

Landmark Global is a billion-pound business that exports and imports goods from all corners of the globe – the USA, Canada, China, New Zealand and Australia. The logistics specialists help eCommerce businesses grow into key international markets through their expertise in cross-border trade services, freight forwarding & local delivery through both postal and alternative delivery, and fulfilment solutions.

While they are known for their international logistics solutions, they understand that managing individual deliveries to the end consumer requires a different level of care and attention, as well as significant investment to build the infrastructure and supplier relationships needed to grow a presence in an unchartered market.

Tapping into GFS’ knowledge and expertise of local markets

As a leader in global multi-carrier eCommerce delivery, GFS’ final-mile delivery expertise, industry connections and local carrier contacts has helped Landmark Global deliver from the border to the doorstep in the UK and Europe.

The relationship began when the Landmark Global had a requirement to offer its services in Germany, but without a significant presence in this country, they needed a partner to help them. GFS managed the implementation and operational set-up with the relevant carriers, including Country Hub injections into the relevant carriers in Germany. This was made possible through GFS’ unique technology platforms and infrastructure, allowing them to successfully secure this new venture.

The partnership developed to offer additional services into the UK, France, Spain and Ireland, using the UK as a main distribution hub.

A single technology solution that unlocks delivery options and new markets

Now, GFS manages all UK final mile deliveries, offering a choice of over 1000 local services and fully integrated technology for a streamlined, unified delivery process.

How does it work?

  1. Orders are picked and packed at an overseas fulfilment house
  2. Parcels are labelled at the country of origin using GFS Selector
  3. Orders are shipped in bulk to the UK
  4. Tracking is fully visible throughout the entire journey, including the handover point from the customer to GFS, via multi-carrier tracking portal GFS Seeker
  5. Shipments are received upon entry to the UK at Heathrow and cleared at customs
  6. GFS collects from the 3PL’s main hub
  7. Parcels are then sorted, distributed and injected into carrier networks
  8. Parcels are monitored closely by GFS Customer Care and Operations
  9. Parcels are delivered to happy customers

Special care and attention delivers a first-class customer experience

With instant access to 1000+ different services, Landmark Global can give their customers a wide choice of service options, with the ability to switch services as and when needed, which gives the business much needed agility and contingency to protect the customer experience.

What’s also unique about this partnership is that GFS also takes care of every individual parcel from the border until it reaches the customer. GFS Customer Care and Operations pro-actively monitor and track each consignment, looking out for any anomalies and resolving issues directly with the carrier, before they have any impact on the end consumer.

This means that Landmark Global can be safe in the knowledge that GFS is looking after the customer experience while they do what they do best – transporting high volume freight around the world.

One relationship and one integration leads to more parcel volumes and more business

Already managing hundreds of suppliers and customers around the world, GFS makes the final mile simple by providing access to hundreds of different carrier services, through one single relationship and one simple technology integration, regardless of the service or country of origin.

By tapping into GFS’ in-country knowledge, parcel services, integrated technology and operational infrastructure, Landmark Global is able to offer their customers a broader range of delivery options into the UK helping them to fulfil demand, ship more parcels, win new business and continue to grow in leading global eCommerce markets.

About the company

Landmark Global is the international division of bpost, Belgium’s national postal service, a business that:

  • Handles 3.9 billion items a year
  • Delivers to 5 million addresses every day
  • Has hubs located in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Australia and New Zealand

The need

  • A local partner to manage final mile deliveries in key international markets
  • Technology and infrastructure to support cross-border operations
  • Monitoring and management of the end consumer experience

GFS proposition

  • GFS Multi-carrier Delivery Management
  • GFS Technology
  • GFS Selector
  • GFS Seeker

  • GFS Logistics