In the press: Hattons Model Railways Taps GFS Delivery Tech

Hattons Model Railways
model trains

Global Freight Solutions (GFS) has worked with Hattons Model Railways, providing expanded delivery services to help it enter new international marketplaces, including the US.

Hattons recognised that legacy technology and existing delivery options weren’t able to meet customer demand, particularly to those in the US who expect an Amazon-like tailored checkout experience. Therefore, it turned to GFS, tapping the Selector and Expert solutions to streamline its management of multiple carriers.

Richard Davies - MD, Hatton's

“The fleet management efficiencies and global revenue growth we’ve seen after partnering with GFS mean our resources go into running our business globally, and back into product R&D. Previously, time went on reconciling multiple carrier invoices, GFS has streamlined that all to one relationship and one bill,” says Richard Davies, Managing & Marketing Director at Hattons.

“We’ve also expanded into more markets globally, and as a result, international sales and revenue have never been higher. However, we’re also able to service our ever-expanding global customer base with professional delivery services – especially those in the US – at scale. A lot of the revenue that’s been generated, we’ve reinvested in our R&D efforts out of China, expanding and deepening our product range in order for us to sell more internationally.”

The retailer is also planning to implement GFS Checkout, which will offer even more delivery choice to customers. “We anticipate that this alone will drive a two-fold revenue increase for Hattons,” says Davies.

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