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Delivery can be a weakness for many online sellers, as it can be the reason that your customer decides not to buy and abandons their purchase.

We don’t want this to be a problem for you. We want you to turn delivery into an advantage and an opportunity for sales. Firstly, to reduce abandoned carts and capture more sales, you need to remove any objections that a customer has about delivery at the checkout, so they don’t think twice and move on to confirm their purchase. In addition, a great delivery experience on the first purchase can also prompt a customer to return to buy more.

Secondly, to sell more you need to extend your reach to more customers. Selling internationally and multi-channel are two ways that you will expand your potential customer base and transform your sales.

Delivery solutions that make you sell more and grow your business

Customer Experience

The customer experience starts at the checkout and continues through despatch, tracking and delivery.

Find out how you can boost your customer experience throughout the delivery journey to win more sales and maintain customer loyalty


eCommerce is booming in countries like India, Brazil and South Korea with customers around the world on the lookout for goods they can’t buy at home. Open up your business to customers worldwide and you’ll widen your customer base and boost your sales.

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Marketplaces such as eBay and have millions of shoppers already poised to buy and it’s an easy way for customers to find your products and increase your sales.

Consolidate your channels and despatch seamlessly with GFS Channel Connectors

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