An essential part of nurturing business growth is in understanding what works for you, and working out how you can do it even better to achieve your goals and ambitions.

Data capture is hugely valuable as it can help you decipher this route to success. This is why reporting is a key feature across many of our GFS Technology products, so we can provide you with the facts that enable you to make informed decisions that benefit your business.

GFS helps you capture all your shipping data, so you can review and analyse how you can continuously improve your delivery operation to ensure maximum efficiency, cost effectiveness and a first-class customer experience.

A birdseye view

GFS Reporter delivers data in a dashboard that presents a comprehensive view of every shipment you send in a series of statistics, graphs and charts. Types of data captured include parcel volumes, carrier performance, queries resolved and geographical coverage, as well as many others. This helps you adapt your shipping strategy to fill in the gaps or focus on key areas that are beneficial for your business.

Multi-carrier tracking portal, GFS Seeker, can schedule tracking reports to be sent to you and your team by email, so you can see the consignments in transit, as well as any outstanding parcel queries requiring action. This gives you an overarching view of the progress of your shipments, and how this fits with your customer experience strategy, enabling you to take control and liaise with our Customer Care team to resolve issues swiftly.

An advanced analysis

If you have your own customer service team, GFS Manager is the next major step in delivering an exceptional customer experience. The intelligent analysis and costing engine rapidly identifies, queues and delegates exceptions or potential exceptions to your call centre advisors to pro-actively handle and manage parcel misroutes and delays.

GFS Validator provides invoice analysis to automatically compare charges invoiced against your agreed tariffs to ensure you always pay the correct amount. Any incorrect charges, anomalies and surcharges are highlighted and data can be filtered and grouped to create a summary, to help you analyse your carrier spend.

Delivery management can be complex, but we want to give you the power and control to make the right decisions for you and your business, so you can continually improve your delivery performance to deliver the best customer experience, and grow a successful, thriving business.

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