How Technology Is The Key To The Online Retail Customer Experience

We know that customers want choice when it comes to delivery. Having a good experience relies on having multiple delivery options so that customers can serve their own needs. This goes beyond just fast or free, and could include nominated day, timeslots, or Click & Collect. This causes pressures on businesses to provide all this to ensure they stay ahead of the competition. However, with technology like GFS Checkout, you can easily provide all of these. By working with GFS, you can give your customers a multi-carrier experience without the hassle of dealing with all those carriers.

No one can avoid issues and problems, however, when these issues affect the customers too, you run the risk of bad experiences and bad reviews. Sometimes couriers let you down and are unable to deliver or meet demand. The technology behind GFS Checkout allows you to easily turn on and off different carriers at the back end of your website. This means that any issues with carriers don’t affect the purchase experience of the user and they’re none the wiser!

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Peak times can cause a backlog of orders and a clogged up warehouse trying to fulfil every request. If you are dealing with multiple systems, multiple carriers and multiple labelling, the chance of getting on top of the backlog becomes even harder. This can lead to delays, which in turn leads to unhappy customers contacting you to find out where their order is. However, with just one delivery solution, dealing with peak times could get even easier. Our GFS Selector technology allows you to integrate your data entry, barcode and labelling system to streamline your parcel system.

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In order to grow your business and increase sales, you may want to sell across multiple channels and online marketplaces. However, having all these channels can be difficult to manage, making despatch more complicated and time-consuming, leading to delays to the customer or longer dispatch times. With GFS Channel Connector, you can automate parcel labelling for speedy dispatch across all the channels you are selling on!

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It might seem like delivering a seamless customer experience is impossible. However with the solutions provided by GFS technology you can increase efficiency and reduce the pain points associated with providing a great user experience. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.