How could International eCommerce Services help grow my business?

Looking to expand your customer base, increase competitiveness and grow your business? Then taking your business international may be the answer. It is estimated that by 2024, the global ecommerce market will reach a total of $6.388 trillion, an increase of $1.497 trillion from 2021. These figures demonstrate the significant impact of borderless ecommerce and the major opportunities for online retailers.*

You may be hesitant to make this big move, especially with the economic impacts of Covid-19 still looming, but a study by CFO uncovered that 45% of respondents were either in the process of expanding their business globally or would be doing so within the next year.**

Does your business need an international delivery partner?

In short, yes. A good international delivery partner will have the expertise and technologies needed to help your business navigate deliveries in different countries with ease.

So, how exactly is this achieved?

Optimise every parcel, every time, everywhere – without lifting a finger

1. Specialised Technology

A good international delivery partner, like GFS, will give your business access to specialised technologies that work together to achieve a seamless cross-border delivery and returns process. Everything from automatically calculating local duties and taxes, to multiple language options and paperless trades. This technology will be invaluable to your business as you start to expand internationally, helping you to overcome any challenges by tracking all parcels across the country and enabling you to remain in full control.

2. Market Knowledge

An online delivery partner will not only be able to offer you access to market leading technology, but they will have in-depth knowledge of all markets. This will help your business to optimise the delivery process as you gain an understanding of the different cultures, highlight important opportunities, and learn about new consumer preferences. Your international eCommerce partner will also be aware of certain regulations that you may not have considered. For example, in India your shoppers will need to fill out more personal documentation in order to receive the item, and in Brazil import duties and complex policies prolong the delivery process.^ With emerging markets accounting for around 59% of total global GDP+, ensuring that your business had the backup of country specific expertise is vital for success.

Infographic: The Global eCommerce Landscape – where to next?

3. Multi Carrier Shipping

Through working with multiple carriers, a partner that specialises in international eCommerce can help you give your customers a choice of delivery and returns. Offering a variety of delivery options is important when choosing to expand overseas, with collection-in-store being a popular choice for UK consumers (62%), 31% of German shoppers choosing delivery to a locker and 58% of French shoppers opting for delivery to a pick-up point or local shop. The key reason as to why all businesses should offer a range of delivery options is to help make the lives of their customers easier, with 48% of shoppers stating that they are happy to pay for convenience.^^

Why GFS is the perfect international delivery partner for you

Operating across over 220 destinations, GFS International eCommerce is a dynamic international delivery service that uses intelligent routing software to ensure that every parcel is sent with the optimum delivery service. GFS continuously monitors and adjusts your delivery based on performance cost, mitigating risks, reducing costs and saving you time.
Our promises to you:

  • Confidence that every one of your parcels is optimised to the best delivery service and cost.
  • Easy entry to international markets so that you can grow your business worldwide.
  • Reducing the time, cost and effort of international shipping.
  • Helping you to deliver the best-in-class delivery experience to your customers every time.

All the hard work is done for you, one label, one tracking number, one collection, but a choice 3 simple service levels, international deliveries have never been so simple!


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