Hermes rebrand to Evri – FAQs

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We are excited to announce that Hermes UK is now rebranding as Evri!

Evri is a completely new brand, one that heralds a fresh look and a new culture with an even better and more open way of doing things.

What does this mean for your deliveries?

There will be no change to your account number, your collection arrangements, or your ability to track Evri’s parcels via GFS Seeker. The only changes will be some minor updates to website references and tracking links in the coming weeks. GFS is managing the rebrand with Evri, and your GFS Account Manager will keep you fully informed of any required updates.

We’ve put together a list of FAQ’s so you have all the information you need regarding the rebrand, what changes, and what does not.

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When did Evri come into effect?

14th March 2022

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Why is Hermes changing their name/rebranding?

Following significant investment and two years of major growth, the business is seeing a lot of exciting changes and this rebrand is a result of that.

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Why change now?

The changes started before the pandemic and Hermes saw the demand for online shopping and that home delivery was continuing to grow. But Covid-19 changed many businesses, including Hermes, and they reacted quickly as the number of parcels in their network skyrocketed.

Evri builds on the changes they’ve already made to ensure they are doing the right thing for customers, colleagues and society and the fact they are continuing to grow and adapt as a business.

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Will Hermes still exist?

No, not in the UK. But they will still work closely with Hermes in other countries to fulfil international deliveries.

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Is it a cover-up? Is the rebrand a way to change reputation?

No. The business has been constantly changing over the last few years, and they had to adapt operations considerably when Covid-19 hit. Evri is a completely new brand, one that heralds a fresh look and a new culture. It’s the opposite of a ‘cover-up’ – Evri marks an even better and more open way of doing things.

They rate Excellent on Trustpilot.

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What exactly is changing?

You’ll see changes immediately. They’ve invested millions of pounds to rebrand vehicles, buildings, ParcelShops and couriers. You’ll also see a new website with enhancements for all customers, including marketplace traders who send in bulk and clients who hold a business account with us.

You’ll see many changes, but one thing will stay the same: customers can still expect a great-value premium service offering unbeatable convenience.

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Is their new website secure? Will I experience any cyber security issues – such as fake smishing messages claiming to be from you?

Evri are committed to protecting customers’ privacy and security – but they can’t defend customers from scams that you target directly. If you receive an unexpected email or text message claiming to be from Evri, please take care and don’t click on any links within the message.

Following this basic guidance will help you stay one step ahead of the fraudsters. To help protect yourself online, use your usual search engine to visit and

Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager.