What it does

We help you get the most from delivery with access to over 1000 carrier services at competitive prices and priority service.

We can help you choose the best carrier services for your business and can recommend the most cost-effective shipping for your products and your customers. Whether you send sweets, games consoles or pushchairs, our experts help you select the best carrier for your needs.

All carriage is supported by our Customer Care team who work closely with our carrier partners to take quick action and resolve queries fast. You can also take advantage of our Single Collection Service which gives you the convenience of one collection for all your shipments. We collect, sort and then inject your consignments into the relevant carrier networks.

Issues it solves

Multi-carrier shipping offers a whole range of benefits, including flexibility, contingency and better choice for your customers.

The challenge is that high shipping costs can be a barrier, which leads many retailers to stick to one or two delivery option or rely on a postal service.

We open up many more possibilities for you. By keeping costs low, we can help you use many more carrier services, so you can easily adapt your delivery offering according to the time of year, your products or your customer base. This gives you the confidence to know you are supported by more than one carrier, with backing by GFS.

Why GFS?

We manage over 15 million+ parcels a year and are one of the biggest buyers of carriage in the UK. This gives us buying power, so we get access to the very best prices. We then pass on these great prices to you and manage the entire delivery from checkout to doorstep, for affordable, reliable multi-carrier shipping.


Customer Care

Our Customer Care team is the jewel in our crown offering full support throughout the delivery journey. Our Customer Care Advisors are skilled parcel trackers, who continuously monitor shipments to ensure they get to where they need to be on time. Any misroutes, delays or lost parcels are identified quickly, and our team are in constant communication with our carriers to resolve queries efficiently, minimising any impact on your customers and your business.

Single collections

Multi-carrier shipping can be complicated and time-consuming to despatch, which is why we offer our Single Collection Service. GFS vehicles collect parcels from all over the country across different carriers. They are then delivered to our depots in Warrington, Birmingham, Newbury, Chichester and Bristol and are sorted ready for injection into carrier networks. This simplifies your despatch process and keeps it straightforward, saving you time and effort. You can also be sure that your parcels are correctly scanned into the right network and track your parcels with GFS Seeker and support from GFS Customer Care.

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