Delivery that accelerates growth

At GFS we believe that delivery is much more than just sending a parcel. As an essential part of online retail, a great delivery experience can thrill your customers and be a real driver for growth.

This is why we are passionate about providing the services and tools that help you use delivery to accelerate your growth; to enable you to simplify and save your time, reduce costs and free resource, boost your customer experience and sell more.

Delight your customers

Your customers are the key to your success; make them smile and you’ll see your business soar.

A positive delivery experience will not only help you capture new customers, but also keep them coming back for more. With this in mind, delivery is an important part of your shopping experience.

Delivery options

GFS Checkout gives consumers the power to choose a delivery option that’s convenient for them including Click & Collect and day or time selection.


GFS Seeker gives you clear visibility and control of all your parcels which helps you deliver great customer service.

Speedy despatch

Customers want to know that their order is on its way sooner rather than later. GFS Selector simplifies despatch makes it easier to get parcels out the door fast.

Sell more

You can fast track your sales growth by widening your customer base and there are two simple ways to do this; multi-channel and cross-border.

Marketplaces offer a huge number of potential customers ready for you to sell to. Selling on platforms like these greatly opens up sales opportunities as you can tap into an existing base of customers who are poised to purchase. GFS Channel Connectors helps you tie these sales channels together through our despatch system, GFS Selector, for efficiency and consistency.

Selling internationally is also fundamental to sales growth. The UK has the third biggest eCommerce market in the world but other countries such as Germany, France, Japan, Russia and Brazil are hot on our heels. Take advantage of this and sell your products abroad. GFS International makes cross-border trading simple with fast, yet affordable worldwide shipping.

Simplify and save time

Time is something we never have enough of and this couldn’t be truer in the fast paced world of eCommerce. In order to grow your sales, work smarter by streamlining your processes to gain better control of your operation. GFS Selector can help you with labelling, parcel routing and multi-channel shipping while GFS Logistics can take charge of your entire order fulfilment process for you.

By improving your efficiency, you can use your time valuably and put more energy into your business growth strategy.

Mitigate risk

The supply chain carries risk that can amplify as your business grows. It’s important you have a robust and reliable shipping system in place that can support you as you evolve.

Our Enterprise Carrier Management (ECM) is a fully-managed delivery service that’s backed by our pro-active Customer Care team who monitor consignments and pre-empt parcel problems by staying in constant communication with carriers to resolve queries fast. Our single collection service, offers contingency just when you need it with a fleet of vehicles ready to collect your parcels around the UK.

Scaling your operation with your business growth can feel like an uphill battle and mistakes can be made along the way. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – consult logistics experts who can recommend the best solutions for your business, as well as offer contingency plans when you need them. This will give you security and reassurance that you can continue to fulfil your orders effectively, even when you’re under pressure.