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GFS Technology overview brochure

GFS Technology Brochure

95% of retailers say they want to offer more delivery options and 54% say cost and complexity of technology integration is their major constraint.

Our technology toolkit provides you with the software and support you need to grow your business through delivery. Find out how each of our technology software covers the whole process from checkout to delivery and makes it easy for you to improve your customer experience.

  • GFS Checkout with Duties & Taxes Calculator
  • GFS Selector & Expert
  • GFS Channel Connector
  • GFS Seeker
  • GFS Reportor

Download the GFS Technology overview brochure:

Download brochure

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GFS eCommerce overview brochure

Download the GFS eCommerce overview brochure:

Download brochure

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Drive global growth with GFS Checkout with Duties & Taxes Calculator

GFS Checkout with Duties & Taxes Calculator estimates the full landed cost of delivery anywhere in the world. Retailers and consumers can choose between delivery with DDP or DDU*, so customers can buy with confidence without the fear of unexpected fees and charges – reducing cart abandonment and returns, and boosting global sales!

Download the GFS Checkout with Duties & Taxes Calculator factsheet:

Download factsheet
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Unlock a World of Delivery Options with GFS Checkout

Give your customers more choice when it comes to delivery to improve customer experience and reduce checkout abandonment!

Download the GFS Checkout factsheet:

Download factsheet
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Expand Your Business with GFS International eCommerce Services

Looking to expand your business internationally? GFS International eCommerce services connect you to new customers from around the world enabling you to send, trace and deliver with no hassle.

Download the GFS International eCommerce Services factsheet:

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Simplify Despatch With GFS Selector

GFS Selector is a platform the enables you to print labels with accuracy and traceability, giving you easy business delivery. Find out more about GFS Selector with our factsheet.

Download the GFS Selector factsheet

Download factsheet
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Review And Analyse With GFS Reportor

With GFS Reportor, you can use dynamic analytics across your carriage services and measure carrier performance, service frequency, number of queries resolved, geographical distribution and many more.

Download the GFS Reportor factsheet:

Download factsheet
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Identify, Queue and Delegate Exceptions with GFS Manager

Quickly and accurately identify exceptions and proactively manage them with GFS Manager, optimising your delivery from checkout to doorstep – anywhere in the world.

Download the GFS Manager factsheet:

Download factsheet
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Track and Trace with GFS Seeker

GFS Seeker helps you track your shipments progress and minimise your customer’s parcel problems.

Download the GFS Seeker factsheet:

Download factsheet
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GFS Pro-active Customer Care

Improve Delivery and Customer Experience

We know that sometimes you need support with your deliveries. Whether its dealing with customer queries, improving customer experience or solving parcel issues, our customer care team are here to take the pressure off you.

Download the GFS Customer Care factsheet:

Download factsheet
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We Help You Grow – With Confidence

Grow Your Business

Since 2001, GFS has been behind the success of some of the fastest growing brands, providing unique and affordable shipping solutions that optimise your delivery. Our enterprise carrier management takes care of everything from checkout to doorstep.

Download the GFS overview booklet:

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GFS Fulfilment

Order Fulfilment Service

GFS Fulfilment helps you store, pick, pack and deliver your orders, so you can spend more time developing your business. We go the extra mile to pick and pack every order with the same attention and care you would do yourself.

Download the GFS Fulfilment factsheet:

Download factsheet
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