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Finding a Match-Fit Fulfilment Partner


Finding a Match-Fit Fulfilment Partner

In association with Modern Retail, we’ve published this eBook that explores how Sarah & Matt of Sarah Edmonds Illustration went about finding a match-fit fulfilment partner to take their business to the next level…

“GFS is like an extension of our business! Letting go of these daily responsibilities has given us the chance to grow. Our time is freed up to focus on new ideas and designs, extend our product range, build new partnerships and know that everything else is in very safe hands!”
– Sarah Edmonds

You’re Invited!

Sarah & Matt will be at Newbury on 9th Feb to chat to you about their experience of bringing a fulfilment partner on board.

Open Day at GFS Fulfilment
Thursday, 9 February
11am to 2pm incl. lunch
Canal View Rd, Newbury RG14 5XF

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UK Growth 2000 Report 2022

UK Growth 2000 Report 2022

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The Growth 2000 UK (G2K) retailers are heralded as the ‘growth engine’ of the UK economy. But how are they performing in 2022 despite challenges, to create an agile and resilient approach to selling online and across multiple channels?

In conjunction with RetailX, we’re bringing you an in-depth report covering 2000 retailers and brands not yet in the Top 500 reports.

This year’s Growth 2000 UK comes at a time when retailers are adjusting to the way their customers now want to buy in the wake of rising uncertainties.

The focus will be set on growth and the four drivers of growth: traffic (Find), shift to mobile shopping (Mobile), easy and convenient delivery (Delivery) and engaging – and paying – via social media (Social), reiterated through case studies from the G2K. This is an insightful tool for businesses that are on the lookout for opportunities to sell online with greater confidence.

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eBook: eCommerce Delivery in a multi-market and multi-channel world

Maximising your cross-border efficiencies

Getting orders from international buyers, is good news for any business. But, maintaining operational efficiency comes with some complexity… and a headache or two. 

International trade is necessary but complicated, with customers expecting shipping to match domestic delivery with fast, free, tracked services and easy returns. So, while there’s ample opportunity to expand internationally, just how can you keep fulfilment simple in a multi-channel globalised world?

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eDelivery Top500 Report 2022

The DeliveryX Europe Top500 Report
in association with RetailX

We’ve partnered with RetailX on the DeliveryX Europe Top500 Report that brings together privileged insights, detailed metrics, compelling case studies, and exclusive sector-wise stats on the state of eCommerce in Europe.

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The report will cover:

  • Market overview
  • The eDelivery Top 500
  • Country spotlights
  • Performance by country
  • Performance by sector
  • The next 10 years
  • Carrier services
  • And much more!

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How a returns management portal could help you save and make money with returns

Returns are hugely important to consumers and make a key part of the decision-making process. The key is to get the balance right between investing in the customer experience and managing the operational cost of returns. So, how can you SAVE money but MAKE money with returns, at the same time? It IS possible, and we’re going to show you how…

Discover how a returns management portal could help you save and make money with returns:

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The ultimate guide to eCommerce delivery management during peak

Take the stress out of peak deliveries this year with our expert advice on getting predictive, contingency planning and optimising the customer experience.

Download your Ultimate Guide to Delivery During Peak:

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Your post-Brexit eCommerce delivery survival guide

Post-Brexit Survival Guide – Where are we now?

Download your Post-Brexit Survival Guide to find out about:

  • The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement
  • EU customs requirements
  • New EU VAT rules being introduced on 1st July…
  • How the new Import One Stop Shop can help
  • Shipping to Northern Ireland
  • What you need to do for EU returns
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eBook: What to look for when sourcing new eCommerce delivery software

Open the door to new ecommerce delivery technology

This year, 100 billion packages will be sent across the globe, and that figure is set to double by 2030,1 so how will we deliver all those packages?

It’s clear delivery technology is undergoing continual innovation – with development budgets being spent on the likes of drones, droids (small robots), and even parcel lockers affixed to autonomous vehicles. But, the future is not about using robots from sci-fi movies, it’s about working smarter and more efficiently and using technology to help your business thrive.

Well, to help you make the right choices and minimise any disruption, we’ve put together this simple guide.

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eBook: Overcoming International eCommerce delivery challenges

Cut out the complexity of international ecommerce shipping

The world has become one big shopping mall, where customers can buy anything, from anywhere, at any time – and they expect this same level of convenience when it comes to delivery. With millions of prospective shoppers, shipping internationally is a no-brainer, however it can also be quite complicated and costly without the right strategy.

So, to help you understand and overcome some of the major crossborder delivery obstacles, we’ve put together this simple guide.

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How to grow international eCommerce sales with online marketplaces

$1.86 trillion was spent globally on the top 100 online marketplaces in 2018

Which goes to show there’s a world of opportunity amongst online marketplaces beyond Amazon and eBay.

We have teamed up with global marketplace experts, Muloot, to bring you this eBook that will show you where the biggest marketplace opportunities are in the world, and how to use them to your unique advantage to grow international revenues.

In this eBook you’ll find out about:

  • What are the key challenges for online sellers – with results from our recent retailer survey
  • The Global Marketplace Landscape – with Muloot’s top 15 ‘rising star’ marketplaces around the world
  • Implementing a delivery strategy that fulfils marketplace and customer satisfaction
  • How to kickstart your international marketplace growth journey
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eBook: How to crack into the eCommerce market in the USA

64% of UK see the USA as their biggest international eCommerce opportunity and it’s easy to see why…

With a global revenue share of $547,690,000, the USA is the second biggest eCommerce market in the world, beaten only by China, and followed swiftly by the UK. 

Find out how you can tap into this exciting global market and achieve sustainable business growth in the US – with tailored advice and guidance from top international eCommerce specialists on key focus areas including:

  • How to tailor delivery and returns for the US eCommerce market
  • US import charges and local state taxes
  • Top online marketplaces in the USA beyond Amazon
  • Product classification and HS coding
  • PLUS your roadmap to success

Download the eBook now:

*Source: Tamebay international survey 100+ decision-makers, eCommerce businesses, £1M – £50M annual turnover, UK only – August 2018

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eBook: How to grow global eCommerce sales with delivery

This is the second in a series of 4 practical ‘how to’ guides from industry pioneers GFS, which unlock the secrets to how retailers can leverage delivery to accelerate growth and achieve their ambitions.

We recently partnered with Tamebay to survey over 100 retailers with a turnover of £1m+ to determine where retailers see the opportunities and challenges for global eCommerce over the next 2 years.

In this chapter, we reflect on the results, and offer our expertise and advice for overcoming barriers and maximising the opportunities, so you can grow your business worldwide in spite of Brexit.

Make sure you collect all 4 ‘How To …’ guides to complete your toolkit for growth:

#1 – How to boost customer experience & grow online sales with delivery (available now!)

#2 – How to grow global eCommerce sales with delivery

#3 – How to reduce operational cost & complexity with delivery

#4 – How to grow multi-channel sales with streamlined delivery

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