While peak is an important time of the year for any retailer, for Hamper.com it is vital. 75% of their sales take place over 3 weeks of the year – so the stakes are high, and delivery must be able to keep up.


  • Established in 1979 by a fish farm owner as a way to sell more salmon
  • One of the largest privately-owned hamper businesses in the world
  • Product range of over 350 different hampers
  • Sells to both small and large businesses, and individuals around the world
  • hamper.com


  • Very seasonal with 75% of orders taking place over Christmas
  • Had a complex operation – shipping to 50 countries across 7 different carriers
  • Products are often perishable, requiring a cast-iron guarantee they’ll be delivered on time
  • Delivery requires two types of communication – one for the customer (the buyer) and one for the end consumer (the hamper recipient)
  • Needed to simplify delivery, in order to gain control, reduce risk and give their customers and consumers the experience they expect


  • GFS Multi-carrier Delivery Management reduced carrier overheads and admin time
  • GFS Selector replaced multiple labelling systems
  • GFS Seeker enables track and trace across all carriers and countries
  • GFS Customer Care proactively monitor parcels
  • GFS Operations provides additional resource and capacity when it’s needed most


What was the business impact?

faster despatch – and increased peak capacity

YoY sales growth

→ Better choice of delivery for customers

→ Increased customer satisfaction

Reduced costs, increased productivity

Better communication and flexibility

Hamper.com is one of the largest privately-owned hamper retailers in the world, offering an incredible range of over 350 different hampers, across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

While peak is an important time of year for any retailer, for Hamper.com 75% of their sales take place over 3 weeks of the year.

The hampers also contain perishable food items, so it is absolutely critical that they are delivered on time – there are no second chances.

Already using 7 different carriers, and shipping to 50+ countries across multiple channels, the Hamper.com order fulfilment operation had become extremely challenging.

It became very complicated to negotiate, manage, monitor and administer all of these carriers, especially when the deliveries are in such a concentrated period of time.”

Patrick Gore, CEO – Hamper.com

“GFS immediately helped by reducing our carrier contract administration, while cutting our costs, and helping to manage very ‘lumpy’ demand.”

Patrick Gore, CEO – Hamper.com

The demand for hampers can be vary throughout the year, and this, combined with the potential for bad weather, carrier problems and IT system failures, especially during peak, meant their business was left open to risk. It became apparent that they needed to simplify delivery in order to take control and give customers a good delivery experience.

GFS introduced Hamper.com to a different approach to delivery – Expert Multi-Carrier Parcel Management.

The GFS ‘all in one’ delivery service combines international parcel services with intelligent despatch software and logistics support. This means Hamper.com can use many different carriers all through GFS with one software integration, one invoice and one single relationship.

Hamper.com now have almost a dozen different delivery services at their fingertips, with automated labelling, tracking and reporting. This means Hamper.com can flex delivery to meet the needs of the business and their customers, while also boosting warehouse efficiencies and productivity at the same time.

The result is that Hampers.com now have a smart, dynamic delivery system that they can rely on to deliver a smooth and seamless customer experience, while easing the pressure on their fulfilment operation – so they can be confident their customers receive the premium gifting experience they expect at peak, and all year round.

“I have the mobile numbers of the senior team and they answer every call. We don’t feel alone anymore, our team has got bigger, and we have experts working with us who have seen it all before. We feel more confident that we can cope, and we’re able to thrive rather than survive.”

Patrick Gore, CEO – Hamper.com

“Sales volume forecasting is almost impossible for us, but with the flexibility of GFS’ solution, we can satisfy demand even during our busiest periods.” Patrick Gore, CEO – Hamper.com

And customers have certainly noticed the improvement:

“Great service, great product and great delivery.”
“Was happy with my delivery. One of the few delivery services that actually let you pick a date”
“Delivery was as stated and worked very well – on time and intact. Highly satisfied customer.”
“On time delivery and excellent communication”
“Great delivery service with a stated time of delivery. Lovely hamper too.”

(Source Reviews.co.uk)

Since working with GFS, Hamper.com have increased peak sales revenues and parcel volumes by 20% year-on-year.

What’s next?

Hamper.com plan to take the customer experience to the next level with GFS Checkout, which will offer customers a choice of delivery options based on their individual order type and delivery address.

By working with a multi-carrier delivery partner, Hamper.com now have greater flexibility and control of their outbound orders which supports sustainable business growth. They also know there is always a back-up plan if they need it – an absolute must during peak!

Business is booming – as customers know they can trust Hamper.com to deliver an enjoyable, reliable and stress-free gift buying experience.

“GFS’ experience, commitment and professionalism is what makes them different. Their expertise and investment in technology means they have a solution to any problem, and always keeps their promises.”

Patrick Gore, CEO – Hamper.com